Birthday: 3/22/06
Gender: Female
Country: Haiti
Child Code: HOLD-001A-077

Dieumika Faugue was born in 2006 but just joined us in the HOLD Home in 2015.  Although a newer addition, she fits in well with the rest of the children in the Home.  She has made many friends, but still doesn’t talk a whole lot!  She is in school now that she is with us and is improving from where she first began.  Dieumika is enjoying living in the HOLD Home and being surrounded by so many friends and so much love.

There are many orphans in Haiti and often times they are either left to care for themselves, or even sold to a wealthy family to work as a house servant.  Here in the HOLD Home orphaned children can be kids.  Dieumika does not have to worry about when she will eat again or where she will sleep at night.  She rests well knowing that she is taken care of and looked after.  Caring for these precious children is only made possible through monthly supoport of the HOLD Home.  There are different sponsorship levels that provide the funds to care for the children in the Home.  Would you please consider sponsorsing Dieumika?