HOLD the Children Home is located in the mountains 5 kilometers east of the city of Port de Paix, Haiti.  The Orphanage is home for 44 children who have been rescued from lives of hunger, abuse and loneliness.  Many of these children, ages 4 – 13, have never slept in a bed, or ate a meal at a table.  Most have been fending for themselves since they were able to walk.  HOLD the Children (Htc) assumes full responsibility for these children living at the Home.  These kids receive a safe comfortable place to sleep, three meals a day, clean safe water, clothing, medical attention, education and loving care from the staff of 11 led by Director Francklin Antoine.  Most have never been shown this kind of love and compassion before.

HOLD the Children has recently acquired an attached parcel of land.  This property will be used to construct transitional family style cottages.  The children will be taught responsibilities of living in a family unit and how to care for a home.  It is also the goal to teach each child a vocational skill before they leave the Orphanage. The children will be equipped to earn a living and to care for a family when they move back into Haitian society.  They will be prepared to help change Haiti for good.

Caring for the children at the Orphanage is very costly. Food, clothing, shoes, medicines, doctor visits and building maintenance, all cost much more than in the US.  It takes approximately $5.00 per day to provide basic care for one child.  That equates to $150 per month, or $1,800 per year per child. In addition to providing full support, each child at the Orphanage attends the HOLD the Children Sponsored School in Lavaud.  Cost of sending a child to school is $30 / month.  We need help from compassionate and generous people who want to make a difference in the life of a child.  We need your help.

There are 4 levels of child support.  Choose the one that best fits into your budget.

Level 1 — $150/Month – Provides Full Support for a Child at the HOLD Orphanage

Level 2 — $75/Month – Shares Support for a Child at HOLD Orphanage with 1 other Sponsor

Level 3 — $50/Month – Shares Support for a Child at HOLD Orphanage with 2 other Sponsors

Level 4 — $30/Month – Helps a Child at the HOLD Orphanage go to School

One-Time contributions to the HOLD Orphanage can be made on the Donate Page.

Would you make a difference in the life of a child?  Consider sponsoring a child at the HOLD the Children Orphanage?