Summer is coming to a close!  Students are returning to class and our schools are full of life and laughter once again.  Teachers enjoyed some time off and are returning refreshed and ready to give their all as they educate the precious children of Haiti, Jamaica, and Guatemala.

Pictured here, a group of men are refinishing the wooden school desks in one of our Haiti schools.  The start of a new school year means we want our schools looking their best!  At our orphanage in Port de Paix, the Director has purchased some new school uniforms, shoes, and back to school supplies.  Our high school students now have a tutor that is spending extra time with them to help them succeed in their classes this year, and our younger children are getting back in their daily school routines.

Here in the Mission Discovery office, we’ve been busy leading mission trips for over 1,000 participants traveling to seven different countries over the last three months.  In the midst of the mission trip leading, the work of HOLD the Children has been focused on updating sponsors on their children as well as updating many of our sponsorship and promotional materials.  You’ll see updated letterhead for our monthly mailings coming soon, and many of you are already seeing much of our updated look via email!  The work of Mission Discovery’s HOLD the Children is made possible because of your contributions; thank you for all you give.