Happy Thanksgiving!  Pictured here, students at Victory Christian Fellowship Preschool in Jamaica have been back at school and continue to learn many educational foundations before heading off to primary school!  At JCSD, students work hard to keep up with their lessons, and the small staff works diligently everyday.  The faculty and staff are spread thin, but they manage to cover all bases to ensure students receive quality education.

In Haiti, volatile protesting continues.  Schools open for a while and then close due to the inability of faculty, staff, and students to arrive safely on site.  In some of our Haiti schools, students are still able to come and receive a hot meal when conditions are not threatening.  Students are learning in the classrooms as they are able, and HOLD sponsorship funding continues to provide for each school, as well as our Orphanage.  The schools are able to pay their ongoing bills, and faculty and staff are able to provide for their families.  Our Orphanage continues providing full-time care for its 45 residents.  Times in Haiti are grim, continue praying for this country and all our brothers and sisters who call Haiti their home.

In Guatemala students are thrilled to continue learning in person; they have been back since August.  Students are improving leaps and bounds in the classroom. 

Christmas celebrations in each of our schools will take place before the end of the year!  Please consider giving to this special event that in many cases, is the only Christmas celebration students will experience during the holidays.  Please keep in mind, we need to receive all Christmas Celebration donations by the end of November.  DONATE HERE    

Thank you for all you give!  Your donations and ongoing support make the ministry of HOLD, His Outreach for Learning and Development, possible.  Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Gratefully In His Hold,

Courtney Carrigan
HOLD the Children Director