“Hearts Committed to Him”

Last week, eighteen short-term missionaries joined Pastor Exante and me for an amazing time of service in Port de Paix, Haiti. The Port de Paix Crusade was the focal point of our week. We witnessed hundreds of Haitian brothers and sisters come forward to give their lives to Christ for the first time or to recommit themselves to be faithful followers of Jesus. To God be the glory!
Some of our team presented Child Evangelism Fellowship programs to the community children near the HOLD Orphanage. They were hungry for the message of Jesus’ love. Thirty children responded to the invitation to accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord.
Many on the team brought clothes, shoes, toiletries and first-aid supplies for the residents of the Orphanage. Two nurses on our team performed a basic checkup on the children and administered care or treatment as needed.
Linda Gundlach did a great job leading the two day teacher’s seminar. More than 175 teachers were present and when finished, they wanted more. The Ministry of Education director came to thank Linda for her service and invited us to do more.
HOLD the children has been interested in purchasing property adjoining the Orphanage. This week we received word from the owners that they were willing to sell. Pastor Exante’, Pastor Franklin and Pastor Otandieu, met with 3 of the 4 family members that own the property and negotiated an offer. The offer must be approved by the 4th family member who lives in Florida. We await the family’s decision.
Our team was exceptionally prepared for the week of serving and hearing from God. Many had their hearts pierced and were changed forever. Our closing team meeting was filled with tears and emotional stories of how each met Jesus during the week. I am truly blessed to have experienced God’s hand working in the lives of those who are “fully committed to Him.”