I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself as I have recently become the new Director of Mission Discovery’s HOLD the Children division.  I’ve been on staff with Mission Discovery for four and a half years.  I went to the HOLD Home orphanage for the first time in 2014 and my life was forever changed.  The children in the Home and in the surrounding HOLD schools made a lasting impression.  Little did I know what God had in store! 

At the beginning of June I took over as Director of HOLD and have already begun communicating with school directors and updating some of our materials and processes.  With 12 schools in the HOLD program, totaling nearly 2,500 kids, and an orphanage responsible for 45 precious lives, the tasks that lay ahead are not small.  With that in mind, I am excited for all God has in store in the coming years.  I am confident in His ability to deepen this program as well as expand it into other parts of the world.

None of the work of HOLD the Children would be possible without each of you, our faithful supporters.  Collectively, you have contributed millions of dollars over the last 18 years and those dollars have changed the course of thousands of children’s lives around the world. Thank you and I look forward to keeping you updated on all the Lord continues to do through the ministry of His Outreach for Learning and Development!