Our schools are in session with many of them conducting final exams to prepare for summer break!  In Haiti, children will have a break and return to school in late August.  In Jamaica, students have had to remain at home for the most part, however, they were able to come to school in person to complete their final exams for the school year.  In Guatemala students have finished up another semester, and they were also able to come to school in person for some of their testing.  We continue praying that all schools will have students in their classrooms in August when the new school year begins!

While HOLD the Children schools take a break for the summer, it is a very busy time for us here at Mission Discovery.  We have teams joining us on mission trips all over the U.S. throughout the months of June and July.  I have been leading many of our Nashville, TN mission trips.  It is nice to be leading group mission trips again!

Thank you for all you invest in the ministry of Mission Discovery’s HOLD the Children.  Your support makes education possible for so many in need.  Thank you for helping provide for the children in our HOLD schools and Orphanage!

Gratefully in His Hold,
Courtney Carrigan
[email protected]