Jean Renaud Mahotiere School is located in CAPVA, Haiti. It is just outside Citi’ Solei, one of the poorest communities in all of Haiti. It’s been more than four years since the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti and still more than 450 families are living in tents in this small village. Living in four year-old tattered and torn tents, these families have given up hope that help will come from the Haitian government. They look to people like Anacias Joseph for leadership and necessities like clean water. Anacias is also bringing hope through education for the children of CAPVA. The Jean Renaud Mahotiere School is registered with the Haitian government and the Ministry of Education, however there is little help with the operation of the school. Anasias Joseph is the head of the school and the Executuve Director is Vilsais Jean Louis. There are 157 children from the tent village of Capva that attend the single room school building. Five teachers share class responsabilities for the seven grades, Pre-School thru 6th grade. Teachers often go without pay for months, yet they remain faithful to the school and the children of Capva. HOLD the children will begin supporting the school through the child sponsorship program in March 2014. HOLD the children seeks help from sponsors that contribute $30 per month toward the cost of education for these 157 children. Education is a necessity to break from the bonds of poverty in Haiti. These children need your help.