Thank you for all you gave to help our ministry succeed in 2019!  Because of your generosity, our 12 schools and orphanage in northern Haiti continue to provide education and care for over 2,500 children in need.  Your giving makes all of this possible and we are so grateful for your compassion. 

2020 is off to a great start as students and staff return for their school year.  Christmas celebrations were another huge success- thank you for making this possible.  The Christmas Celebration at our Onaville School in Haiti is pictured here.  In Jamaica we currently have a large group of 85 volunteers serving at the School for the Deaf and at Victory Christian Fellowship Preschool.  In Guatemala, faculty and staff are making preparations to open the high school portion of their school for the first time.  Until now, our Kairos School in Guatemala has always been a pre-school and secondary school.  We are excited for the wonderful opportunities adding the high school will bring!  And in Haiti, schools are buzzing with life again. 

With the start of a new year, change always comes.  We would like to make a request to those still giving by mailing a check to our office each month: Would you consider setting up an automatic recurring payment for your monthly donation?  It would help us greatly!  For more info please give us a call at 800-767-8720.  Thank you!!

With much gratitude,

Courtney Rivera

HOLD the Children Director