People often ask how our HOLD the children Home in Haiti is doing. There is always unfinished work or some challenge at the orphanage that needs attention so my response often contains elements of need, rather than focusing on the amazing work that God is doing in the lives of the children living at the Home.
I want to introduce you to one of these children. Salomon is seven years old and has been a student at our HOLD the children school in Lavaud for several years. Salomon has always stood out among the many children that attend the school. His sad and troubled facial expression alluded to a very difficult life. He stayed away from the other children and would rarely interact with any of us that visited the school. Last summer, it was recommended that Salomon be considered for admittance into the HOLD the children Home. He was living with extended family and obviously not receiving adequate care. He was admitted in June 2011.
When our Mission Discovery team of 25 visited the HOLD Orphanage last month, God revealed to me the answer to the question; how is the Orphanage doing? There was an amazing transformation in Salomon. He was playful and happy. He was obviously well nourished and his clothes were clean. A smile replaced the sad look on his face. Not only did he hang around the group, he wanted to be in the center of activity. God reminded me through Salomon’s transformation that the HOLD Orphanage is about the children, not the building. It’s about providing compassionate care and hope for orphaned or abandoned children rather than a perfectly functioning facility.
Salomon, along with the other 31 children at home, has been given hope and it is reflected by the joy on their faces.