Our HOLD sponsor schools currently go through the 8th grade, but we are excited to announce that several of our HOLD Home residents begin high school in September! In Haiti, when most children reach this age they are already working to earn income for their families.  Or if they are left to fend for themselves, they are working to earn their next meal.  Thankfully at the HOLD Home we value education and understand its importance in overcoming poverty and changing what is considered to be the norm.  

Cedeline, Fladjy, Marthe-Lourdie, and Woodson (who are pictured together above) all hope to begin high school next month!  But in order for them to attend, we need sponsors to pay for their high school education.  This is separate from/in addition to their HOLD Home sponsorship.  Their high school sponsorship costs $100 a month and includes tuition, uniforms, books, school supplies, and transportation to and from school each day. 

We need your help in sending these precious children to high school!  You can help continue their education by providing $100 every month to pay for their schooling.  Please prayerfully consider how you may be able partner with us to make this happen.  We would love for all four of these children to have committed sponsors before school starts next month. 

  To sponsor Cedeline Borgela's high school education: http://www.holdthechildren.org/children/cedeline-borgela In the drop down menu select "Help Cedeline Borgela Go to School $100".  Select "Sponsor this Child" to begin the check-out process.

  To sponsor Fladjy Gedeon's high school education: http://www.holdthechildren.org/children/fladjy-gedeon  In the drop down menu select "Help Fladjy Gedeon Go to School $100".  Select "Sponsor this Child" to begin the check-out process.

 To sponsor Marthe-Lourdie Jean-Baptiste's high school education: http://www.holdthechildren.org/children/marthe-lourdie-jean-baptiste-0  In the drop down menu select "Help Marthe-Lourdie Jean-Baptiste Go to School $100".  Select "Sponsor this Child" to begin the check-out process.

 To sponsor Woodson Vaval's high school education:  http://www.holdthechildren.org/children/woodson-vaval  In the drop down menu select "Help Woodson Vaval Go to School $100".  Select "Sponsor this Child" to begin the check-out process.


If you prefer to commit to being one of our high school sponsors by sending in a check each month please make sure it is made out to Mission Discovery and designated for HOLD- (name of child) High School Sponorship.  Monthly payments can be mailed to:

Mission Discovery

1509 Hunt Club Blvd, Suite 1200

Gallatin, TN 37066

PLEASE contact [email protected] for further information or to learn more about other sponsorship opportunities; thank you so much for your support!