It’s been more than a year since I stood on the roof of the HOLD the children Home with Pastor Exante’, Don Schreier, my son Chad and several other compassionate friends of HOLD the children. As we looked out over the property in the back at the Home, we dreamed about someday owning that banana field. We spoke about how it would be great to be able to develop family style living cottages for the older children as they are prepared for life someday outside the Home. We also envisioned a garden and raising animals to provide food for the Home. My friend said, these children need more room to run and play. We dreamed and then we prayed that God would make that possible. The next day, as we reflected on the dream of owning that property, our friends said, “I want you to buy it. I want you to negotiate a good deal and buy that property.” I sat there silent with my eyes watering. We discussed what those words meant and we began to develop a plan. God is so amazing.
Now, more than a year later, we are on the verge of finalizing the purchase of a parcel of land near the HOLD Orphanage. It is not the parcel that we wanted, but it is the one God wants us to have, so we give Him thanks. If all goes well, the property transfer will occur during the week of March 18, 2013 as I lead a team to Port de Paix. Once the property transfer is final, the first thing we will do is build a security wall around the property and then we will begin the construction of cottages. Please pray about how God may want you to be involved in the expansion of the HOLD the children Home. Your prayer and financial support is so important.
The photo is in the middle of the banana field that we will purchase. Shown are right to left; our ministry partner, Pastor Cherelus Exante’ (President of NHMBA), Franklin Antoine (Director of HOLD the children Home), Jocelyn Ambroise (Property Owner) and Security Guard for the Home.