HOLD the children (Htc) welcomes Lakeside Lampstand Christian School (LLCS) from Mfangano Island, Kenya to the Htc school sponsorship program. Mission Discovery has been hosting mission teams to Mfangano Island for several years and now there is the opportunity to help children from this area go to school. There are 40 children currently enrolled in the school founded by Pastor Joshua Nyicula with 65 more scheduled to come into the school in early 2011. Many of these children have been orphaned HIV/Aids and many others are just too poor to afford the luxuary of going to school. Would you consider helping these children go to school. For just $30 a month, you can give a child from Mfangano Island, Kenya an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty through education. Would you consider prayerfully and financially supporting a child in Lakeside Lampstand Chrstian School.
Some of the children are listed on the ‘Children’ tab.