*This article was written by Kellie Doyle, HOLD Sponsor and Supporter.

“I love to travel and our 20 year wedding anniversary was coming up.  For our 10 year anniversary we took a trip and learned to scuba dive.  My husband is creative, knows me so well, and is great at surprises.  So I waited with great expectation to see what he had planned for our 20th.

I was shocked when he revealed the adventure.  He had registered me for a mission trip to Haiti!  He already bought the plane ticket, and he wasn’t even going with me! I dreamed of getting away, relaxing, soaking up some sun- not going to an orphanage in Haiti to serve! I struggled with his decision and with God too.  I thought of myself as an Isaiah- type person- ‘Her I am.  Send me.’  Was I less faithful than I thought?

With reluctance, I went.  And as it turns out, I fell in love with Haiti!  The people, the children, the country.  The other Americans on the trip have become like family. The HOLD orphanage is so well run and the children are precious and well cared for.  It was truly a privilege to visit.

However, the greatest joy was forming relationships with our translators- 3 young Haitians- a pastor, and worship leader, and a seminary student.  Thanks to technology, I have been able to keep in touch with each of them and now, ‘Yo se zanmi mwen.’  They are my friends.

So my husband was right.  That trip was exactly what I needed.  My heart was filled with love and gratitude, and my life was truly changed.  They say you can leave Haiti, but Haiti never leaves you.  That is true.  Lord willing, I’ll be going back next April and this time I’ll be looking forward to it!

Have you said, ‘Here I am, send me?’  Are you willing to go?  You should follow the Lord’s call, but just know…He might change your life!”

-Kellie Doyle, HOLD Sponsor and Supporter

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