I recently returned from visiting our HOLD Home Orphanage and several of our schools throughout Haiti!  The Home where 45 of our children live sustained quite a bit of structural damage from the recent earthquake. But the children and staff are healthy and well and very much looking forward to a special Christmas Celebration in the coming weeks, as are the students in our schools.

I visited five of our schools in Haiti and was pleased with how well our students are doing.  Their learning conditions are drastically different than in the US, yet the children are eager to learn.  Even the young ones are great listeners.  It was a joy to spend time in classrooms and see the hard work all our teachers and staff personnel are doing every single day.

You will soon be receiving a year-end letter from Mission Discovery that will update you on our ministry as a whole over the past year.  Please be on the lookout and take the time to learn what God is doing through Mission Discovery and the ministry of HOLD the Children.  Please consider donating a special year-end gift toward our HOLD Home Earthquake Repair as we will need over $25,000 to complete all the necessary work.  Thank you for your ongoing encouragement and support.  May you be blessed during this special time of year and have a very Merry Christmas!

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