King Solomon once said, “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven” (Eccl. 3:1). As I look out my office window, it is clear to see that summer is giving way to the shorter days of autumn. The fallen leaves collect around the few flowers that are still blooming. The cool morning temperature is a welcome relief from the blistering heat of the summer projects in Haiti, Nassau and Tennessee. Along with the changing seasons, September is a time for our staff to reflect and evaluate our Mission Discovery summer projects.
Our Mission Discovery Staff Planning Days were held last week and each of our staff gave a report on their 2012 summer projects. This was the 20th year that Mission Discovery has led teams on summer mission projects around the world and the stories are remarkably similar each year; lives were changed, compassion was shared, and Jesus’ love was demonstrated to the poor and needy. My wish is for each of you to hear the stories of how our world is impacted for good when God shows up on a mission trip. Our staff has more gray hair and we move a little slower, but we never get tired of the stories. For those who have not been on a Mission Discovery trip, we call these stories “God Sightings.” They are the special moments when we get a glimpse of God working in and through people on a mission project. They are powerful stories of how God demonstrates His love and transforms hearts to be more like His.
Two weeks ago Mission Discovery celebrated our 20th anniversary. More than 35,000 participants have experienced what God can do in the hearts of people on a mission trip. We are thankful for His faithfulness and we look forward to many more years of ‘God Sightings’. Thank you for your prayers for our staff.