Birthday: 4/5/01
Gender: Male
Country: Haiti
Child Code: HOLD-001A-040

Woodson is in High School!  He is the oldest child in our HOLD the Children Home and he joined us from the town of Mole Saint Nicholas.  Several others in the Home look up to him.  He sets a good example and helps take good care of the younger children.  While good at lending a hand in the home, Woodson is very grateful that he is not responsible for providing for himself or any of the other younger children.  In Haiti, many boys his age fend for themselves on the streets and are sometimes responsible for younger siblings.  It is not uncommon for children to carry large 5 gallon buckets for miles, to get water for themselves.  Here at the HOLD Home Woodson does not have to worry about when or where he will get water; he is blessed to be there and we are so thankful to have found him.  He is in high school now and likes his Spanish class.  He would like to be a doctor when he is older.  With your support, we can have the resources to rescue other children from life on the streets, would you help?