Birthday: 10/27/05
Gender: Male
Country: Haiti
Child Code: HOLD-001A-052

This guy, Widley, is such an entertainer!  He keeps things lively at the HOLD Home and can usually be found in the middle of a group putting smiles on their cute faces with silly jokes and dance moves.  He likes to dance and listen to music and one of his signature trademarks are his shorts pants…There are plenty of clothes to go around at the Home, but for whatever reason, Widley likes to wear pants that end just above his ankles!  He is a valuable part of the close-knit family at the HOLD Home and we are thankful he is with us.  He is a quick learner and a good reader.  Widley is from Port de Paix, and he would like to be a doctor someday.

Whenever our teams come to visit he usually sticks close to the men.  Many children in Haiti, orphaned or not, have no male influence in their lives whatsoever.  The majority of men there have several children by various women and rarely take part in their children’s lives.  It is a blessing for men to join our mission teams and spend time with these precious kids!  Sponsoring Widley is a great way to support the ministry of HOLD the Children.  Please consider how you may be able to help.