Birthday: 9/2/06
Gender: Female
Country: Haiti
Child Code: HOLD-001A-062

Naichanie was living a very difficult life in Port de Paix prior to being rescued by Pastor Francklin, the local Director of the HOLD Home.  Naichanie likes to play “pins” (jacks).  She likes school and Creole (the Haitian language) is her favorite subject.  She loves to sweep and help keep the Home clean.  She wants to be a nurse one day.

It is not uncommon for young children in Haiti to become house servants by families that take them in.  Often this is very difficult for the child.  Fortunately, Naichanie was able to escape the role of a servant in Port de Paix.  The HOLD the Children Home provides hope and a future to children like Naichanie.  The cost of caring and supporting a resident at the HOLD Home is approximately $5 per day per child.  Would you consider helping support the HOLD Home by sponsoring Naichanie?  Each of the children at the Orphanage attends the HOLD sponsored school located near the home.  Your support brings hope to a child.