Birthday: 4/26/03
Gender: Male
Country: Haiti
Child Code: HOLD-001A-042

Kovenson was born in the town of Jean Rabel, Haiti.  His favorite subject in school is math!  He likes to play marbles and soccer.  Kovenson also likes to fix things and is thinking about becoming a mechanic when he grows up, or possibly a farmer.

Kovenson is another one of our older boys in the HOLD Home.  While often more serious than most, he is very helpful around the Home.  He is good at looking out for others and shows responsibility in many things that he does.  He is progressing in school and really likes math class.  He is very grateful for the care he receives at the orphanage and knows he is fortunate not to be living on the streets of Haiti.  There are various ways to sponsor our children living in the HOLD Home, please consider how you might help.