Birthday: 1/30/03
Gender: Male
Country: Haiti
Child Code: HOLD-001A-038

Also from the town of Basson Bleu, Jean Roldy is one of our HOLD Home veterans.  He likes to clean and especially enjoys mopping the floor! He enjoys studying, history is his favorite, and he would like to be a pastor when he grows up so that he can work for the Lord.  When he isn’t busy with school and cleaning, he likes to play lago- hide and seek!

At His Outreach for Learning and Development, we believe education is the key to breaking the bonds of poverty.  The children in the HOLD home attend school daily where we are equipping them with necessary tools and skills to be successful in life after the orphanage.  This is rare because many children in Haiti never even go to school; instead they are put to work at a very young age.  We have plans to transition the children into family style living in a small cottage where they will also begin learning a specific trade.  The Lord has provided the means for us to begin expanding.  Sponsoring Jean-Roldy gives so much hope and provides resources for another child to come to the HOLD Home.  Will you help?