Birthday: 12/16/09
Gender: Male
Country: Haiti
Child Code: HOLD-001A-070

Jacksonelle loves playing soccer.  In school, he enjoys studying French.  He would like to be a doctor so he can help sick people.  He is a rather outgoing little fella who makes friends with everyone.  His beautiful smile is extremely contagious.

Jacksonelle arrived at the HOLD Home in September 2013.  The Home was able to admit him following several former residents being reunited with families.  Jacksonelle is from a nearby city of Mole Saint Nicholas.  Having been abandoned he was found by authorities and brought to the HOLD Home.  It is for these occasions the Home was built.  Unfortunately, there is not always room or resources for additional children.  Would you consider helping support the Home by sponsoring Jacksonelle?  There are three levels of sponsorship to choose from.  Full sponsorship is $150 / Month or you can share sponsorship with one other at $75 / month; or you can share sponsorship with two others at $50 / month.   You can also help Jacksonelle go to school at $30 / month.  Jacksonelle and the other children are grateful for those that help support the HOLD Home.  Thank You.