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Delano seemed to be a normal deaf boy when he came to JCSD. He ran and played with his school friends, a good student and a pleasant little fellow. Little did we know that all was not well.  Several times he had been absent from school and at one point Delano was hospitalized for several weeks. After returning to school, his father could not give an answer as to what was wrong with him. We noticed one day while he was playing how large his abdomen was.  One of our dorm supervisors then reported that at times Delano cried because of the pain in his abdomen.

So, with financial help from a few friends of JCSD, he had medical tests and the result showed that he had a mega colon problem that required two surgeries. These surgeries were a success. Delano is living a much more comfortable pain free life and his abdomen is back to its normal size. What an awesome God we serve. Without the financial help of caring people Delano would have had a lifetime of these health problems.

Delano loves to read and his favorite color is yellow.  He would like to be a wood worker when he grows up.