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Did you know HOLD the Children operates an orphanage in Haiti?

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HOLD the children operates in Jamaica, Guatemala and Haiti and is a division of Mission Discovery, Inc. HOLD the children's operations are always expanding. HOLD is currently supporting seven schools in Haiti, two in Jamaica and one in Guatemala.

Featured Child

Birthday: 04/02/2011
Country: Haiti
Gender: Female

Benndjina Jean was added to our HOLD Home family in October of 2016.  She is from Port de Paix, which is the town where our orphanage is located.  She loves playing hide and seek – called “lago” in Creole.  She likes writing when she’s in school, and when she grows up, she would like to travel. 

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September 12, 2018 - Courtney Rivera
Summer is coming to a close!  Students are returning to class and our schools are full of life and laughter once again.  Teachers enjoyed some time off and are returning refreshed and ready to give their all as they educate the precious children of Haiti, Jamaica, and Guatemala.
August 7, 2018 - Courtney Rivera
Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf is a residential learning facility that caters to the needs of hearing impaired children.
July 24, 2018 - Courtney Rivera
Summer is upon us!  And many of our HOLD schools have started their summer break.  At our Onaville School in Port au Prince, Haiti a graduation service was held for the younger students for their completion of Kindergarten, moving up to first grade.  The children looked precious dressed in their matching coral dresses for the girls and coral shirts and ties for the boys.  At our Capva School, also in Port au Prince, classes have wrapped up and a wonderful summer V