Most of our schools are gearing up for theirsummer breaks and students will be out of school most of July and August.  While teachers certainly look forward to the much needed break, this time is often difficult on the students in our HOLD program. 

When students attend school, they are supervised and often provided with a hot meal.  When they are not attending school, they are not always guaranteed a meal, and they are sometimes left to take care of themselves throughout the day while their parents try to find work.

In each of our schools throughout Haiti, Jamaica, and Guatemala, education is a lifeline for these children.  Without it, they have little chance of success and are at a much higher risk of being left to beg on the streets.  Please pray for our students throughout the summer: for protection, provision, and for Godly influences to invest in their lives in an intentional way.

At Mission Discovery, our summer mission trips are in full swing.  We will have 22 mission trips taking place over the next two months!

Teams will be serving in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, and in numerous states across the US.  We look forward to spreading the word about our HOLD program to each of these mission teams.

If you currently give less than $39 a month, please consider increasing your sponsorship to this amount.  If you donate via check (personal or automated from your bank), please update payment to: HOLD Child Sponsorship, PO Box 71447, Marietta, GA 30007.  If you give to our HOLD General Fund or to Courtney’s Support, continue mailing checks to Mission Discovery at 1509 Hunt Club Blvd., Suite 1200, Gallatin, TN 37066.  Please call us at 770-559-9338 if you would like to set up a recurring donation.

Thank you for all you give as your donations and ongoing support make Mission Discovery’s HOLD the Children program possible!

Gratefully in His Hold,
Courtney Carrigan
HOLD the Children Director