Enclosed in this month’s newsletter, you will find a quarterly update on each of our HOLD Schools!  You can view this update online HERE.  This includes some of the latest news as well as a recent photo from each of our locations.  Throughout this year, school sponsorships continue and have even increased in some areas, such as our HOLD Home Orphanage.  This means we are able to continue providing the best of care for our 45 children there.  In each of our schools, teachers are hard at work to educate students and help them in every way. 


As part of a recent fundraiser event, we provided a live update about HOLD the Children.  If you missed this and would like to check it out, please visit our Facebook page at facebook.com/holdthechildren  and see what you missed!  You can view recent updates there and on Instagram @holdthechildren


Thank you for your continued support of this ministry in every way.  Your prayers and financial support make education possible for over 2,500 children living in poverty.  Your contributions also help provide a home for children in our Orphanage.  Thank you for helping us provide for our children there and in each of our HOLD the Children schools!


Gratefully in His Hold,

Courtney Carrigan