There are always special needs at the HOLD the Children Home as well as at our other HOLD schools.  These needs could range from acquiring a new parcel of land at the Home, to purchasing and installing a solar powered water filtration system, to shoes for the children, to unplanned medical expenses.  These projects are over and above the normal monthly cost of operating the HOLD Home.  They are also above and beyond our standard $30 a month school sposorship.  Donations toward these projects can be made easily through the links below associated with each special project.  Click on the bold underlined links to give.  Thank you for your consideration.

Christmas Celebrations: DONATE HERE

Christmas for children living in extreme poverty is typically just another day struggling to survive.  There are no expectations and little reason to believe that Christmas is any different than the rest of the year.  But you can change that.  You can help provide a special Christmas Celebration for your sponsor child’s school.  Contributions for Christmas Celebrations can be made through November 22.  Be sure to write your child’s Tracking Number in the “Comments” for your gift so we know which school it goes to.

General Fund Giving for HOLD the Children Home: DONATE HERE   

Contributions to the HOLD Home General Fund help to pay for food, clothing, medicine and other routine monthly expenses for all the children living in the Home.  As you can imagine, caring for 44 children is very costly.  Your regular support helps meet the monthly budget of caring for the children, and in some cases is able to provide for unplanned medical needs as well.

High School Student Sponsorships at the HOLD Home: DONATE HERE

More than 10 of the 44 children living at the HOLD Home are now in High School!  High School is expensive in Haiti.  Students are responsible for paying for tuition, transportation to and from school, a uniform, school supplies, and lunch while at school.  This costs $150 a month per child.  So our cost to care for these kids doubles when they go off to high school!  We could certainly use your help in providing for their high school expenses.  Please consider giving to ensure our kids receive the best education possible.

Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf Medical Needs: DONATE HERE

We have constant medical needs for various students at the Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf.  The $30 a month school sponorships do not cover these unexpected expenses.  We have created a medical fund for the school to utilize as needed for upcoming surgeries for students and medical needs in general as they arise.  Giving to this fund helps these students continue to grow and learn and become healthy and strong.  We appreciate anything you are able to give to meet these needs.

School Uniforms & Backpacks for HOLD Home Residents: DONATE HERE

Children living in the HOLD the Children Home attend the New Haitian Mission Baptist School in Lavaud, one of the HOLD the Children supported schools.  It is right in front of the Home.  To attend school there, each child is required to wear a uniform and have a back-pack for school.  The cost of a uniform and back pack for one child is $35.  When donating to this special project, be sure to write "School Uniform and Backpack" in the comments when donating online.  

Transitional Homes: DONATE HERE 

A Security Wall was constructed around acquired property that adjoins to the HOLD the Children Home.  This property is for transitional homes, preparing older children for life after the Orphanage.  Construction on these homes has now begun!  Pictured at the right is some of our most recent progress on the building.  We are so excited for the building to continue so that our high schoolers can move into their new homes!  But we need additional finances to continue along in the process.