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Widnelson is one of the fortunate who lives with both of his parents.  He is grateful for that.  Widnelson says he wants to be an accountant when he grows up.  That suggests that he wants to learn about managing money.  This is a good goal for him and for his country.  Widnelson says that his favorite animal is the goat.  Not sure if that is from a food perspective or because he has a pet goat.  Children like Widnelson need encouragement to see the benefits of education.  Children are growing up in a country that has an illiteracy rate of nearly 50%.  They are not being taught about the value of going to school and getting a good education.  HOLD the Children wants to help more children go to school.  You can help by supporting the HOLD School Sponsorship program.  For just $30 per month you can help Widnelson and the other children in the Capva School continue their education.  Please help!