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This is Roodneldy's first year in school.  Often Haitian children go to school very young because there is no one to watch the young children during the day while parents work to earn enough to feed their families. Life in Haiti is very hard.  HOLD the Children is happy to help support for school.  Roodneldy's favorite color is red and favorite subject is math.  Roodneldy wants to be a lawyer when he grows up so that he can help those who get in trouble.  In Haiti, a lawyer is called an 'advocat.'  Roodneldy wants to be an advocate for the poor. 

Would you help Roodneldy and his other classmates reach their dreams?  They need your help to stay in school. You can support the Capva School by sponsoring Roodneldy or any of the other children in the Capva school for $30 per month.  Your help is greatly appreciated.