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Renise was born in Port de Paix, Haiti and came to the HOLD Home in 2012.  She likes school, especially French class.  When she is not busy with her studies, she likes to pray and sing.  She hopes to become a doctor and would love to visit the USA one day so she can work and help her dad. 

Renise is well behaved and a big help with the younger children.  She can often be seen consoling one of the younger children or helping the staff.  Many Haitian children begin to share household responsibilities at a young age.  Many kids in Haiti have their childhood cut short by the need to help their family.  Sometimes children are sold as house servants, even as young as 5 or 6 years old.  Renise was rescued from a difficult life in Port de Paix.  Our goal at the HOLD home is to allow the residents to be children and still teach them family responsibilities.  The HOLD the Children Home operates entirely on gifts and contributions from friends who care about Renise and the other children.  You can help support the HOLD Home by sponsoring Renise.  There are three sponsorship levels with one to fit your budget.