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O'Brian goes by OB and he also happens to be the director of the school's son!  His heart is full of love and he spreads it immensely to everyone. He is in a mentor role to his younger peers and he is a leader in his group of friends. Like any teenage boy, his looks and fashion mean a lot to him and he is always fixing his hair to look good for the ladies. He can't hide behind that "cool guy" factor for very long when he sees you walking up. He runs up and gives you a hug just as enthusiastic as the younger kids at the school.  He is a very energetic young man who loves to play soccer. He loves athletics, he’s very good at them, and dominoes.  OB can often be seen spending time with the Mission Discovery groups when they are there.  He likes to be social.  He is doing well in school and has made great progress over his years at JCSD.