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Lovenise Theodoriste joined us at the HOLD Home for the first time in 2017.  She was born in the nearby town of Jean Rabel, Haiti.  She is very kind and always looks out for her younger sister, Rosenaika.  Lovenise also has a big brother, Kovenson, in the Home!  These three siblings were reunited in 2017 and it’s wonderful to have them all together in one place.  Lovenise is still a little shy and doesn’t talk much when visitors are there.  She is working hard in school and loves when teams come to visit because she gets to work on art projects.  

Here at the HOLD Home she can live life as a child and enjoy learning in school.  She is well cared for, provided with meals, and even has health care.  She is fortunate compared to the thousands of abandoned children living in Haiti with nowhere to go and no place to call home.  Lovenise is one of many children living in the HOLD Home.  There are several sponsorship options to consider.  Will you help provide for a child in need?