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Junia is in High School!  And she was born right in Port de Paix, the town where the HOLD Home is located.  She’s a local!  She’s already in her teenage years.  She loves to sing and wants to learn how to play the piano.  She also enjoys school and likes to study English.  She is a great help around the HOLD Home, and she actually enjoys doing the dishes! Her favorite color is pink and her birthday is January 20th.

Behind Junia's perfect smile is a very bright young lady who is performing well in school.  She is first in her class.  She’s a quick learner and eager to move onto the next subject.  She wants to help the community by becoming a nurse when she is older.  Junia is privileged to be putting this knowledge to good use in the classroom.  The majority of children her age in Haiti do not even attend school.  If they attend school at all, it may only be for a few short years before they are forced to work attempting to provide food and shelter for themselves.  Here at the HOLD Home Junia is able to excel in school and not worry about where she will get food or where she will sleep at night.  We are thankful to have her with us.  Please consider sponsoring Junia; this provides resources for another child to be rescued from the streets and given life at the HOLD the Children Home.