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John Widley wanted to make sure we knew that he just loves living in the HOLD Home!  He likes riding bikes, although he does not get to do this very often.  He enjoys studying Creole and math; he is a great learner.  He wants to be a doctor when he grows up because he loves doctors.  

John Widley is mature for his age and is a quick learner.  When groups come to visit the HOLD Home, he loves using their digital cameras.  He’s actually a decent photographer and it did not take him long to learn how to adjust settings and change the focus.  He’s a bright boy!  He’s a good reader and he even knows a few English words and phrases.  He’s pretty serious for the most part; you have to work hard to catch him smiling, but it does happen!  Thankfully in the HOLD Home, the kids have many reasons to smile, and even Widley lets that perfect smile show every once in a while.  Will you help them continue to smile by supporting Widley or others in the HOLD Home like him?