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Jamesley started attending the Capva School in the fall of 2015.  He is very happy to be in Kindergarten.  He has so much fun in school.  Jamesley and the other Capva students are among the fortunate in Haiti.  Only 60% of Haitian children go to primary school and less the 20% go on the secondary school.  Education is just not a priority.  Often children are unable to afford the cost of school.  The government schools require students to purchase their uniforms, books and school supplies.  Many just cannot pay.  When it comes to a choice of food for their stomach or a uniform to go to school, the choice is easy. 

HOLD the Children comes along side of kids to encourage them to attend school.  As a HOLD sponsor, your $30 per month helps get kids into school. Would you help get Haitian kids into school and keep them there.  You can sponsor Jamesley for $30 per month.