Child Code: 

You will often see this girl dancing and/or laughing with her friends. She is spunky and keeps everyone on their toes. Jahnel is hilarious when she tells you stories because of her dramatic gestures and facial expressions. She is an entertaining and friendly student who always livens up the group.  Jahnel does very well in school.  She occasionally has problems with other students, but her anger quickly passes.  Jahnel wants to be a teacher someday so she can help other children with disabilities.  She is very smart and determined.  She demonstrates strong leadership qualities as well.  Her favorite subject is math.  Many special needs children in Jamaica do not get an opportunity to attend school. Some are treated as second class citizens. JCSD is a beacon for preparing special needs children to be productive members of society.   You can support JCSD through the HOLD the Children program.   Would you sponsor Jahnel?