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Djohnken has a very large family, 4 brothers and two sisters.  They all live together in a very small house.  Sometimes parents are unable to care for their children so they sell them or give them as house servants for the wealthy.  This is a common practice in Haiti. Fortunately, Djohnken's parent work very hard to be able to care for their children.  Djohnken's favorite color is yellow and favorite subject is school is math.  He will need all the math he can get as he wants to be a mechanic when he grows up.  He is a good student in school.

Djohnken and the other children in the Capva School are very grateful for HOLD the Children sponsors who make it possible for them to go to school.  Each HOLD sponsorship helps all of the kids in the school.  It pays teachers, buys school supplies, and uniforms and provides nourishment for all of the kids, not just those who are sponsored.  Would you consider supporting the school by sponsoring Djohnken for $30 per month?