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Dina is one of five siblings who have been orphaned and live with extended family.  We don't always know their circumstances but we know that these children need our help.  They need to be in school.  HOLD the Children comes along side of orphaned children to help them get an education.  Children living with extended family is a common story in Haiti.  Parents often die in this difficult environment, abandoning children to provide for themselves.  There are more than 450,000 orphaned children in Haiti, nearly 5% of the entire population.  Children like Dina need to be in school to have any hope of succeeding later in life.  Dina wants to be a doctor when she grows up so she can help other children.

Can you help support the Capva School?  Sponsoring Dina helps all of the children stay in school.  For $30 a month, you can help Capva school reach out to the needy with education.