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Daphneilla Abigaelle is currently in preschool at our Onaville School!  She is just three years old and this is her first year in school.  She is learning what it means to be a student. She is a good listener and has many friends in her class.  She is fortunate to have both her father and her mother in her life.  Many children in Haiti become orphans at a young age or are raised by a single mother.  She and her family attend church there at the same place as her school.  The building functions as the local church and is full of eager students during the week!  Daphneilla Abigaelle currently has four brothers and two sisters.  She comes from a large family!  Thank you for giving to help her, and so many others, go to school.  Receiving an education has the power to break the cycle of poverty that surrounds these precious children.