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Chedena is another one of our local kiddos from right in Port de Paix.  Her favorite color is green.  We asked her who her best friend is, and she proudly responded, “Everyone!”  This sums up her personality pretty well!  She loves school and French is her favorite subject.  She would love to visit the U.S. someday and wants to be a doctor.  When asked about Jesus, she sweetly answered that He loves her and provides for her.  When we prodded a little more and asked about the “BIG” thing he did, she got a big smile on her face and declared that He died on the cross for her sins.

Here at the HOLD the Children Home Chedena has many reasons to smile.  She is well cared for, unlike so many orphans in Haiti.  She is clothed and fed daily with a secure roof over her head.  This is much more than many of the children throughout the country can say.  Children in Haiti begin providing for themselves at a very young age; they are forced to grow up quickly.  Here at the HOLD Home the children are able to be kids.  Yes they learn responsibilities and stay busy with school, but they are able to play and laugh and enjoy being kids.  Sponsoring Chedena allows us to bring other children, much like her, into the orphanage.  Would you consider how you might be able to help?