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This girl is a firecracker! Probably the most outgoing of all the JCSD students. Her boisterous energy is almost as big as her heart. She is a compassionate girl who not only leads her group of friends, but takes the time to be with the younger kiddos. Antonecia can be found putting on a show for the younger kids outside. If you can't find her, just follow the laughter of the other kids watching her comedy performance.  Antonecia is a girl with great potential.  She has the ability to complete every task that is given to her.  She was successful in her national grade testing and continues to be a quick learner.  She is very courteous and helpful at school.  She is sociable, determined and talented. Antonecia is a very good athlete and is also in the dance club.  She loves, dancing, running, watching movies, and reading.  With this in mind, she hopes to become a dancer, an athlete, or possibly a cosmetologist someday.  JCSD gives students like Antonecia opportunity to excel and to compete in athletics and dance with other students her age.  You can support Antonecia and JCSD through the HOLD the Children Sponsorship Program.  Why not make a difference?