HOLD the Children is a ministry of Mission Discovery and is a child advocacy program founded in 2000.  HOLD stands for His Outreach for Learning and Development.  Since its beginning, thousands of children in three different countries have received an education that was once thought impossible.  Hundreds more have been given a place to call home.   HOLD the Children was created to help poor children in developing countries acquire an education and to provide compassionate care for abandoned or abused children.

HOLD the Children follows the 'two hands' ministry model of Jesus Christ.  With one hand Jesus called people saying, "Come follow me" (Mark 1:17). This is the hand of truth. HOLD encourages people to find forgiveness and healing, hope and restoration, truth and guidance for life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. With the other hand Jesus reached out to touch and help those in need (Mark 1:41). This is the hand of compassion. HOLD helps the needy via responsible, compassionate care. The application of this care is guided by local churches and community leaders. The goal of HOLD is to empower people to help themselves and to help others for the glory of God.