HOLD the Children Home

Lavaud, Haiti

Dr. Don Schreier and Pastor Cherelus Exante’ stood on the side of the mountain overlooking the banana field that adjoined the property of the HOLD the Children sponsored school in Lavaud, Haiti.  The two agreed that this would be a perfect place for an Orphanage.  In this small country of 10.5 million people, with more than 450,000 orphaned or abandoned children there is a definite need for an Orphanage. The two visionaries decided to proceed to build a safe place for children.  HOLD the Children Home was birthed.

Construction of the Home in the community of Lavaud, Haiti began in 2005.   Funded entirely from gifts and donations of compassionate people and churches, the two-story, 64 bed structure was completed in early January, 2010. Pastor Otandieu Jean-Louis was installed as director of HOLD the Children Home and seven orphaned children arrived the first week of January, 2010. Only a few days later, a devastating earthquake rocked Haiti.  Within a short period, the number of children at the Home grew to twenty-seven. As of July 1, 2014 there are forty-two children living at the HOLD Home.  More children will be admitted as the Home becomes financially equipped to support them.  Caring for the children at the Orphanage is very costly. Food, clothing, shoes, medicines, doctor visits and building maintenance, all cost much more than in the US.  It takes approximately $5.00 per day to provide basic care for one child. Sponsoring an orphan at the HOLD the Children Home provides three meals a day, a safe place to sleep each night, education, love from a caring staff and the gift of hope that comes from the love of Jesus. 

There are several levels of supporting a child at the HOLD Orphanage.

Full Support of a resident at the Home is $150 per month.  

Sharing the support of a resident with one other is $75 per month.  Support will be shared with another sponsor

Sharing the support of a resident with two others is $50 per month. Support will be shared with two other sponsors

Helping a resident go to school is $30 per month.  Pays for school tuititon, books, school supplies and a uniform

Click on a child you want to support below. The drop down arrow will allow you to choose the level of support.

 As a sponsor, you make a difference for good in the life of a Haitian child.

*For information on visiting the HOLD Home, please see our Port de Paix, Haiti Mission Trips

School News

September 12, 2017 by Richard Rohde
The ten HOLD Home residents pictured here are now attending Beraca High School this year.  While this is an exciting change for each of them, it does come at an additional financial cost.  The tuition, transportation to and from school, uniforms, books and supplies, and lunch will cost $150 a month per child.  That is a total of $1,500 per month.  This need is much greater than our resources.  Please talk to friends, family, and church groups to ask for their help.  We desperately want these kids to be in school this year, but we need your help to make this possible.  Thank you for your con
April 6, 2017 by Richard Rohde
The forty-five kids at the HOLD the Children Home are growing up very fast; eight of them are now 13 or older!  We don’t know how long they will stay with us at the Home, but whenever they leave, we want them to be prepared to succeed.  Life is hard for everyone in Haiti.  We want to provide our kids with the tools necessary to succeed when they leave.  The construction of the transitional homes will enable the children to learn how to live in a family setting and teach them a skill or trade to help support them when they leave the Home.  Speaking English is a big advantage in Haiti.  Our J
February 28, 2017 by Richard Rohde
I am writing this update from the Habitation Hatt Hotel in Port au Prince, Haiti.  We are preparing to leave on the eight hours bus ride to Port de Paix, which is where much of the HOLD the Children work is located.  From inside the walls of this hotel, all appears tranquil and content.  The cloudless sky is as blue as the eye can imagine.  The beauty of Haiti is hiding the reality of the world outside.  This will change when we join the chaos on the outside.  Enormous congestion and terrible roads make the 120 mile journey to Port de Paix an endurance test.  Though I’ve made this trip doze
December 20, 2016 by Courtney Rivera
Greetings all, We are just a little over 3 months away from the trip dates for the annual visit to the HOLD the Children Home in Haiti. The trip will commence in Port au Prince, Haiti on Sunday, April 2, 2017.  We will then depart for Port de Paix on Monday, April 3, 2017.  Return flights from Port au Prince can be scheduled for anytime AFTER 2:00pm on Saturday, April 8.  The cost of the trip is $1,175.  This includes the registration fee.  Airfare to and from Port au Prince is not included.
November 9, 2016 by Courtney Rivera
I (Rich) recently visited the HOLD Orphanage in Haiti for some administrative updates and to inspect the progress on the HOLD Transitional Home.  Several of our residents were reunited with family.  This allowed new children to be accepted into the Orphanage.  We are now entrusted with forty-five children who have been rescued from the streets of Haiti and abusive circumstances. The children always enjoy visitors, especially when they bring fun things to do.  They spent an afternoon coloring and just hanging out with us.


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