Child Search

HOLD the children operates in Jamaica, Guatemala and Haiti and is a division of Mission Discovery, Inc.  HOLD the children's operations are always expanding.  HOLD is currently supporting seven schools in Haiti, two in Jamaica and one in Guatemala. 


Stacey-Ann is 13 yrs old. She is our newest addition to Special Unit arriving at JCSD in October 2013. Stacey-Ann is pleasant; she sometimes displays bouts of anger but is calm most of the time. She is below average even for Special Unit but is being helped to improve her behavior and academic skills. She loves to play. Stacey-Ann gets along very well with the other kids in her class.


Kyla arrived at Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf in Septemper 2013. She is a friendly girl who at times accepts correction. She hardly uses the Sign Language to communicate in class. She is untidy most times. She is functioning as an average learner in all subject areas. In order to complete a given task she has to be monitored frequently. Her ability to form letters correctly is poor. Kyla complains a lot about the work load; however she is easily motivated when a reward should be given for a task.


Jaydean came to the Jamaican Christian School for the Deaf in September 2013. She is a happy, fun loving girl who always seems to be in the middle of whatever activity is going on. Jaydean has adjusted fairly well to her new school and new friends. She gets along with the other children very well. Jaydean is completely deaf and her communication skills were very poor when she arrived but has made steady progress. Jaydean has displayed an ability to learn quickly. Her favorite subject is reading. Someday Jaydean wants to be a nurse so she can help children who are sick.


Omario's New Family
Omario (OJ) is now 16 years old, he has been here since he was 5 years old. This young man's life has been filled with emotional pain. His mother died in childbirth delivering him. His dad has abandoned him. His adopted parents, the only ones he knew, are now both dead. He has endured and weathered all this pain. OJ has developed into a fine young man. He has made a home at the school and we are his family.


Suzie was graduated from primary school by St Christopher School for the Deaf. She came to JCSD in September 2010 and has been doing great in school. She lives with a foster family. She is eager to learn and excited about being at JCSD.SUzie loves to do a lot of things. She can cook, do hair and sew. She is really good at all of them.


Shantal had some behavior problems when she came to Jamaican Christian School for the Deaf. She has overcome most of her issues and is turning into a fine young woman. SHe gets along with the other students and is helpful with chores around the school. Someday, Shantal wants to be a teacher so she can help other children with disabilities.


Arold is a happy boy, especially when the Mission Discovery team comes to visit. Arold is goest to school in the small church building in the center of Port de Paix. His class is routinely interupted by the sounds trucks and people passing by the front of the school. Arold and the other children are happy to be in school. Arold likes learning to read. The stories that hios teacher reads to him are exciting. Someday Arold wants to be an airplane pilot.


Wacherline started attending Christian Alliance School in the fall of 2012. She is a very good student and is happy that she is able to attend school. Like many children living in Limonade, her mother cannot pay for her to go to school. HOLD the children sponsors help Wacherline and many other children go to school. Illiteracy in countries like Haiti is common because parents cannot afford to send their children to school. Illiteracy then perpetuates the poverty among the people of Haiti. Wacherline and the other children are thankfull for the help from the HOLD sponsors.