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HOLD advocates for the needy and empowers them via truth and compassionate care! 

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HOLD the children operates in Jamaica, Guatemala and Haiti and is a division of Mission Discovery, Inc. HOLD the children's operations are always expanding. HOLD is currently supporting seven schools in Haiti, two in Jamaica and one in Guatemala.

Featured Child

Birthday: 09/04/2004
Country: Haiti
Gender: Female

Fielding has one of the biggest smiles in all of Haiti!  This girl loves to smile.  She smiles often, and loves to show off a little in front of the camera.  She tries to act shy, but she’s really not.  She’s a spunky girl with a great attitude and we hope this positivity continues to stay with her as she grows.  Fielding is among the 450,000 orphaned or abandoned children in Haiti; this is nearly 5% of the country’s population.  Unlike the majority of these orphans, Fielding is well cared for and provided for here at the HOLD Home.  She has food, clothing, medical attention, and a very saf

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January 19, 2016 - Richard Rohde
God is doing so many great things at the HOLD the Children Home.  Last year was amazing.  Thanks for praying and supporting the work at the Home.  The security wall around the property acquired in 2014 was completed.  Within a few months, the money was raised and the work was completed.  The kitchen and storage room were completed in July 2015 making the cooks very happy.  Five of our children were reunited with extended family.  While we were saddened to see them leave, we are grateful that they are with family.  Five new children were admitted to the Home in September. 
December 14, 2015 - Courtney Rivera
Pastor Francklin runs our HOLD Home in Port de Paix, Haiti and many of you know the condition of his old truck!  Well, it finally ran its course and was time for him to get a more reliable vehicle.
November 10, 2015 - Maury Buchanan
In one of the most remote parts of Haiti there is a refuge for children.  Some would pass by the plain, ordinary block wall and never realize the miracle on the other side…a sanctuary where God’s loving hand has reached.  Forty-two children are well cared for every day by staff of Mission Discovery’s HOLD the Children program.  The HOLD the Children Home was founded 10 years ago to answer the need of abandoned or abused children.  Parents could no longer care for these children, or they were caught in an abusive cycle of child trafficking where children are sold as “restavecs” (child slaves