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Did you know HOLD the Children operates an orphanage in Haiti?
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HOLD the children operates in Jamaica, Guatemala and Haiti and is a division of Mission Discovery, Inc. HOLD the children's operations are always expanding. HOLD is currently supporting seven schools in Haiti, two in Jamaica and one in Guatemala.

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Birthday: 12/23/2003
Country: Haiti
Gender: Female

Roseline is a very smart and pretty girl. Shs is happy to be able to go to school.  School in Haiti is a privilege, not a requirement as with muct of the rest of the world.  Less than half of the children in Haiti go to school. Roseline and the other children at Jean Renaud Mahotiere School are thankful for the support that comes from HOLD the Children.  They are also happy to see the teams form Mission Discovery when they come to visit.  Roseline wants to be a doctor someday so she can help the sick children of Haiti.  She knows that she needs to remain in school.

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August 27, 2014 - Richard Rohde
Preparing kids for life after the Orphanage has always been the ultimate purpose of the HOLD the Children Home.  Rescuing lonely, hungry and abused children is a critical step in bringing hope to orphaned and abandoned children in Haiti, but the ultimate vision is to make a difference in Haiti through the lives of restored children.  Haiti is a broken country that will only be changed through a generation of children that are educated, skilled and encouraged to make a difference.  If only basic sustenance and care are provided the children until they are old enough to leave the Hom
July 1, 2014 -
The vision of transitional homes for the residents of the HOLD the Children Home is becoming a reality. HIM ministries is helping design the footprint of the property as well as the housing units. The first phase of construction is to build a security wall around the entire property. Fund raising for the wall that is projected to cost $35,000 has begun. The target for completion of the wall is April 2015.
May 8, 2014 -
Lori was recently on a Mission Discovery trip to Port au Prince, Haiti. She visited the HOLD the children school in Capva. This is her story of the experience.