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HOLD the children operates in Jamaica, Guatemala and Haiti and is a division of Mission Discovery, Inc. HOLD the children's operations are always expanding. HOLD is currently supporting seven schools in Haiti, two in Jamaica and one in Guatemala.

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Birthday: 04/14/2002
Country: Haiti
Gender: Female

Daphne’s positive attitude hides her poor health well.  She is a little more prone to sickness than most.  Therefore, her healthy days are treasures.  Thankfully she is with us at the HOLD the Children Home so that her sicknesses can be treated.  She is well cared for and able to recover each time she gets sick.  Unlike many of the orphans throughout the rest of country, Daphne has reliable health care.  Oftentimes orphaned children fend for themselves on the streets and many don’t live through their childhood due to untreated sickness.  Daphne is thankful to be surrounded by such great car

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February 5, 2015 - Richard Rohde
Greetings Friends, As many of you know I visited the HOLD Home last week, to make preparations for our teams visit in March and mostly to inspect the progress on the Security Wall being constructed around the property in the back dormitory.  Let me tell you it was a blessing to see the progress and to be able to visualize the great benefit this will be for the kids.  This new land is more than four times the size of the original land where the Home sits.  Standing on the roof of the building, looking out over the land in the back, I could see the cottages whe
January 7, 2015 - Richard Rohde
God has provided the property for transitional homes that will begin preparing the older children to be successful when they leave the orphanage.  The older children will be transitioned into a cottage with six to eight children and a house parent.  They will learn how to care for a home and they will have some family responsibilities.  They will be taught how to tend a garden, raise animals and eventually learn a vocational skill that will help them be self-sufficient when they leave the Home.
December 8, 2014 - Courtney Rivera
Work on the wall is keeping men busy down in Lavaud, Haiti at our HOLD the Children Home.  There is still a ways to go, but so much has already been done!  All funds are accounted for, and the actual construction is moving right along.  Read the rest of this article to see a few photos of the progress.